Barbeque Problems

Nothing is better than good barbecue. Spending time grilling on the weekend with family and friends, then sitting down to mouth-watering barbecue is truly as good as it gets. Unfortunately, BBQ problems can arise, causing food to taste bad. To ensure your next barbecue party is perfect with everyone feeling full and satisfied, we wanted to address some of the common issues that ruin good barbecue.

The Right Equipment

The bottom line is that there is a big difference between good char grilled food and burnt food. One of the most important things is to use the right equipment. This means using a quality grill that will allow you to grill food without it sticking and burning. You also need the right cooking accessories. For instance, using something that pokes the meat will only cause precious juices to be lost, leaving you with dry meat. Instead, you want prongs that will let you flip the meat, keeping the juices intact.

Keep A Cool Spot

Additionally, when using charcoal, you do not want to fill the grate the entire length. The reason is that you would end up with hot heat along the entire cooking space, leaving you without any cooler spot. The better solution would be to fill two thirds of the grill with charcoal, leaving the one-third portion without any charcoal at all. As you cook, the meat and vegetables would be cooked over the burning coals but then as the food starts to become too done before other food, simply move it over to the area without heat.

Too Much Charcoal

Another common BBQ problem is that people will use too much charcoal. Remember, you want heat to cook food but you also want room so air can flow in and around the coal. This eliminates problems with flare-ups while giving you appropriate heat for cooking your favorite foods. Therefore, instead of pouring the entire bag of charcoal into the barbecue grill, you want to cut it back to about 50% to 75%.

When you use too much charcoal, another BBQ problem arises such as food needing different cooking times. Many times, people will grill a variety of meats and vegetables on the grill. The thicker meats will be placed over the hotter portion of the grill while thin meats are placed on the cooler part since they take less time to cook. If you keep the level of charcoal less than normal and again cover just two thirds of the surface, you have a cool spot so you can cook all the food together and have it be done at the same time.

Gas Grills

Even if you use a gas grill, try to purchase one that has a second tier or two burners so you can keep one side cooler than the other side. Again, you eliminate flare-up problems while ending up with delicious and moist food done at the same time. You can be sure your next BBQ party will be a huge success.