How to Smoke Pork

Smoking meat is one of the best ways to enjoy tenderness and flavor. While beef, poultry, and fish are all excellent meat options, one of the best meats in a smoker is pork. Literally, pork cooked in a smoker will fall off the bone, providing you with an amazing meal. As far as wood choices when smoking pork, we suggest you stick with oak, hickory, walnut, cherry, pecan, peach, and apple. Howeve4r, both mesquite and alder are too poignant for pork.

Temperature Setting

Once your smoker is lit and ready to go, you want to cook pork around 215 to 220 degrees. While some meats cook quicker, pork should generally be cooked at one and one half hour per pound. Of course, if you up the temperature to 235, you could cut this down to one hour and fifteen minutes per pound. For instance, cooking a 10-pound pork shoulder at 235 degrees would take approximately 15 hours.

Consistent Temperature

One of the challenges with smoking meat is keep the temperature at a consistent level. If you find this difficult, you might try taking your pork meat and wrapping it tightly in foil to finish in the oven. Keep in mind that meat will get the majority of the smoky flavor from the smoker in the first two hours. Therefore, if keeping a consistent temperature were proving too hard, you can cook the pork in the smoker for as long as you can, again, finishing the cooking process in the oven. The result would still be tender and smoke flavored pork.

Pork Cooks Hotter

Typically, most meat must reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. With pork, you want the temperature to read between 180 and 190 degrees. Anything less than 180 would make the meat difficult to break up while anything over could mean dry pork. For this reason, once you start the smoking process, you want to keep a close eye on the temperature in the smoker, as well as internally in the pork.

Rest the Meat

After removing the pork from the smoker, it will need to rest for 25 minutes. After this time, the meat will still be hot enough to serve but cool enough to pull apart. Simply remove the meat to a serving platter along with any cooked vegetables and other dishes. Without doubt, smoked pork is exceptional, perfect for a family dinner or huge dinner party.