Large Smoker Overview

Although some people choose a smaller smoker, one for family or small gathering use, other people love the large smoker, the type that can be used for hosting huge weekend parties or even hiring out to other people. In this article, we wanted to address the larger type smoker, providing answers to some of the more commonly asked questions so you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

Power Outlet

Keep in mind that some larger smokers need to be set up near a power outlet due to them being designed with a rotisserie. Of course, if you are setting up in a remote location or any place without power, then you could use a deep-cycle marine battery, as well as an AC/DC power converter. Then if your smoker does not have a rotisserie or if it were designed to run solely on coal, then power would not be required.


When shopping around for a larger smoker, you will find them made from a variety of materials. Typically, you could work with a reputable company in finding a large smoker, making sure you choose one that will accommodate your needs. Another consideration is that if your smoker would be towed on a trailer, which many of the larger ones are, you might need to have it licensed. However, this varies from state to state so you would need to talk to the people at your local licensing organization.


Next, depending on the style of large smoker you choose, some have the option of water, juice, or various cut up spices being added. The key to success with any smoker is both humidity and smoke. Therefore, when buying a larger smoker, you want to make sure you choose a style that produces adequate levels of both. As in the case with the smoker that has a place for liquids and/or spices, humidity levels increase, giving you a much cleaner and more flavorful result.


Another consideration when buying a large smoker has to do with cleaning. Obviously, you want a smoker that would be easy to clean due to size. In most cases, a large size smoker would need to be cleaned every three to four months. A great option is using a degreaser on the inside racks, followed by a good power wash. Once the inside has been cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations, you should spray the racks with a non-stick cooking product. Just remember, most degreasing products will damage paint so you need to take care in not getting any on the outside of your new smoker.

Finally, your large smoker can use all types of fruit-bearing hardwood. The type of wood used comes back to personal preference in that some people like a smokier flavor whiles others prefer something mild. No matter the type of wood used, we suggest you choose wood that has been seasoned a minimum of six months but no more than 12 months.