Small Smokers

To make great smoked barbecue, you do not need to invest in a large or commercial size smoker. Sure, you could spend upwards of $5,000 if you wanted to but if you enjoy an occasional smoked and grilled meal or love to entertain but on a smaller scale, then a small smoker would work beautifully. In fact, you would likely be surprised at how much you can get out of a single smoker.


The Bradley Smoker is an excellent option, which is small and affordable. Priced around $300, this smoker is unique in that it actually comes with its own smoke generator. With this feature, flavored briquettes burn for 20 minutes, adding a wonderful smoky flavor to food but without altering the overall temperature of the smoker. One of the main challenges associated with smoking food has to do with maintaining a consistent temperature. With the Bradley, this problem is eliminated.

Another feature of the Bradley Smoker is the automatic cool smoke creation. In fact, this cool smoke system is designed to last up to eight hours without you having to mess with anything! The Bradley is also made with an independently controlled internal heating element for hot smoke. With this, you can smoke your favorite meats and vegetables to perfection. Weighing just 40 pounds you will find this smoker is easy to relocate.


Another small smoker option is the Weber, which is known around the globe for quality material and workmanship. For instance, one Weber smoker features two, 18.5 inch cooking grates, meaning you could easily smoke a ham or turkey simultaneously. Made from high-grade steel that has been coated with porcelain enamel, the smoker is sure to last for years without any trouble of rust or other damage. The Weber smoker also comes with an adjustable air vent, producing perfect airflow for all types of smoking needs.


Finally, Brinkmann created the Smoke N Grill, which is a gas smoker and grill in one. With this, you can smoke your favorite meats with a clean and efficient burn. The smoker is small while offering a double grill area that together can accommodate up to 50 pounds of food. Other features for this smoker include lava rocks, an 18,000 BTU gas burner, regulator, and LP hose.

The Brinkmann smoker comes with a control knob letting you control temperature, which is crucial to smoking meats, as well as porcelain coated steel. Measuring just 15.5 inches in diameter, you will love the small build of the smoker with the large capabilities.