BBQ Smoke Overview

Smoking food is a great way to enjoy barbecue. While you could use a standard barbecue grill to fast cook foods, smoking is a slow process whereby smoke and humidity infuse into the meat, making it tender, moist, and juicy. Because smoked barbecue tastes so much better, it has become a popular option for grilling favorite meats and vegetables. This article will provide you with general information so you can determine if barbecue smoking is for you.

Fees Time

For one thing, smoking foods frees up time. Because you place the meat in the smoker and then check it only two to three times in a 10-hour period, you are spending far less time checking the cooking process. People have discovered that starting a large turkey or brisket while camping, spending time on the water boating or swimming, and then coming back to the campsite to find dinner ready is the way to go.

Marinades and Rubs

With smoked barbecue, you would also choose between a number of marinades, sauces, and rubs. Some people prefer a thicker, sweeter type sauce while other people enjoy the richness of various spices found in a meat rub. For smoked meats, you can choose a favorite sauce or rub, or find thousands of options online. Most consist of vinegar, sugar, and tomato but again, there are so many different blends, you can come up with literally any flavor. For instance, sauces made with wine or bourbon is popular, adding just the right amount of punch.

Smoker Size and Style

You will also make a decision as to size and style of smoker you want. For instance, if there were just two to four of you in the family, then a small, electric smoker would be fine. However, if you love to entertain on the weekends and find that you end up being chef, a larger or even commercial size barbecue smoker would be great. Remember, smokers are available in gas, electric, wood burning, and charcoal, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Reputable Company

No matter the size or style of barbecue smoker you buy, it is important you purchase from a reputable company. This way, you know the quality of the material used and the workmanship that went into the design of the smoker are top notch. You will find a number of excellent brands from which to choose but smokers made by Brinkmann and Weber are always good options.


Then, features associated with the smoker would be another consideration. If you want to rotisserie food, then you would obviously want a smoker that offered this feature. Other features include built-in burn chambers and easy feed bins for wood chips and chunks. Consider the type of smoking you plan to do so you will have a better idea of the money you want to spend and the options you want to enjoy with your new barbecue smoker.