BBQ Smokers

BBQ smokers have skyrocketed in sales over the past decade. With more and more styles and new technologies, smoking food has never been more fun or successful. Today, you can add a smoker to your existing barbecue grill or you might be interested in purchasing a new unit that serves as both grill and smoker. The bottom line is that ribs, chicken, turkey, brisket, and other favorites slow cooked in a smoker is as good as it gets.


If you are in the market for a smoker, we recommend you do your homework first. After all, this type of investment should be one that you can enjoy for many years to come. You want a smoker that offers a convenient way to cook, as well as a safe way. Cleanup is another consideration in that you do not want to spend much time cleaning the smoker after use. Instead, a good quality smoker would allow you to prepare perfect meat with very little monitoring required.

Wood or Charcoal

As you begin looking at smokers, you could go with a traditional option of wood or charcoal or choose one of the more modern units that runs on gas or electricity. For charcoal or wood, Weber and Brinkmann offer some of the best smokers on the market. The units are made from quality materials and excellent workmanship. The result is a reliable smoker that is perfect for family meals and entertaining.


To keep the humidity level up and enhance the wood chips or chunks, you can soak them in water before adding them to the smoker. Now, for added pizzazz, some people will soak wood chips in bourbon or wine. However, you can also find wood chips and chunks already flavored this way. With so many possibilities, we suggest you try a number of options to find the one you like best. In addition to the BBQ smoker, you want to choose quality grade meat and then go with a good rub, mop, or sauce for the ultimate in flavor.

Temperature Setting

The trickiest part of any smoker, whether gas, electric, charcoal, or wood is getting the interior temperature right. Obviously, meat needs to reach a specific internal temperature for it to be safe to eat. For instance, beef is usually around 165 degrees, pork around 200, while fish ranges from 80 to 130 degrees. For this reason, you would enjoy smoking food much more if you invest in a quality unit from the get go.

You will need to check the fire and temperature several times during the cooking phase but again, with the right type of smoker, this should take little time, and effort. That way, you can simply enjoy the mouth-watering food that comes out of the smoker at the end of the day.