Deluxe BBQ Smoker Guide

Just as discussed in the first part of the BBQ Smoker Guide, you can create some mean and delicious meat for less than $400. The less expensive smokers are perfect for people who want to smoke meat for the family or a small gathering on the weekend. However, if you were seriously into smoking food and love to entertain big time, then a larger, more sophisticated smoker would be ideal.

High-End Difference

The key to choosing a quality BBQ smoker is finding one that can provide low and slow cooking. A BBQ smoker should also be made from quality materials so you trust the unit. Just as with the less expensive models, the larger smokers come in various options to include electric, gas, wood, and pellet. Of course, if you were going to spend more than $400 on a BBQ smoker, you probably want some of the fun features as well. To help get you started, we have pulled a list together of the top BBQ smokers over $400.


Available in both 20 and 30-inch designs, this BBQ smoker is considered one of the best available today. Handmade from quality materials, this smoker is great for people who love the smoky taste but also want to keep to a budget.

Pitts and Spitts

Although this company makes some incredible smokers, the P-C1830 model is less than $400 and worth every cent. Designed with a solid construction and excellent smoking ability, you will love the taste and texture of food coming out of this smoker. The design also features a firebox mounted beneath the cooking chamber, which equates to better, vent control, and heating efficiency.

Big Green Egg

This particular BBQ smoker comes in various sizes, all designed to hold low temperatures for a long time. What makes this BBQ smoker so unique is its design, which mimics an ancient Japanese design. Made from ceramic, the shell can absorb heat amazingly well while holding it. However, the Big Green Egg also lets you control the temperature so food comes out perfect every time.

Traeger Pellet Lil - Texas Style

For some exceptional BBQ, this smoker comes with an optional digital feeder control, providing top temperature control. Designed to use wood pellets, the smoker has a controlled feeding mechanism, meaning you spend less time watching food cook.