If you are preparing for a large barbeque or roast, it pays to have a smoker that can do the job. Large smokers can be used smoke and cook a large amount of meat at one time.
Barbeque ribs are the most popular smoking food. Ribs are particularly popular in the south. Some ways to make them include Texas Style, Memphis Style, Southern Comfort, Chili Adobo, and Pacific Rim.
Power Types
Smokers can run on several different power types. These include electric, gas, charcoal, and wood. Each of these power types has drawback and benefits. With gas and electric smokers, you can easily get a uniform temperature.
Fish Barbeque
Cooking fish in a smoker can be realtively easy. The trick is to keep the fish moist and to remember that fish cooks at a lower temperature than other meats like pork, turkey, chicken, or beef. Salmon is a good fish for smoking.
Portable or Fixed
Commercial smokers and barbeques are used often for restaurants and caters. Many commerical smokers that are used in restaurants are not portable, but instead are located in the kitchen of the restaurant.
Smoker Shapes
Many barbecue smokers have different shapes and features. Vertical smokers are different in that they look like refrigerators, but can be used to cook meat.